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Yes. Keystone Fence is licensed, bonded, and insured. We will provide this information to you during the contract phase of our services.

We acquired Keystone Fence in October of 2020 but are no strangers to the fencing industry.  We started in the trade twenty years ago and look forward to bringing our own experience into this established tradition of service and quality that was previously in place for the past 30 years.

Call us!  By using innovative technology, we have the ability to be very interactive over the phone or by email.

Prefer to come in?  Call or email us for a scheduled appointment.  We will meet with you to talk about the styles of fencing that are best for your project.

Your Estimator/Project Manager will provide you with an estimated start date. Jobs cannot start until all necessary permits are obtained, materials ordered, and Pennsylvania One Call has been called. Once the permits are obtained and the property is marked, you will be notified of your installation date. Please note that weather can be a factor in determining the start date of a project.

If your chosen materials are not in stock, that may also delay your start date.  We are currently stocking 48”, 54”, and 60” residential and commercial ornamental fences, 6’ PVC privacy fences, split rail fences, and various types of chain link fencing.

If you are ever uncertain about your installation date, please reach out to our office, and we will go over the schedule with you.

Every job is different, and many factors can determine its completion date, but once we start your job, we will keep you informed of its progress until its completion.

Your Estimator or Project Manager will give you their contact information upon your first interaction. They can be reached via that contact information.

Keystone Fence has a dedicated office sales team that will get a message to your Estimator/Project Manager swiftly and with all the details concerning your project via phone or email.

If you have any issue getting a hold of your Estimator/Project manager, please do not hesitate to call the office.

Adding a fence to enclose all or part of the yard or property will, in most cases, add to the value of the property appraisal or assessment. A well-maintained fence is always one less thing you will have to contend with.

Keystone Fence accepts check and credit cards as payment. We can process your payment over the phone, at our office location, or a check by mail. Currently, we do not offer financing for our fence services.

Usually, a fence cannot exceed 6′ in height. We suggest you check with your local building codes department to make sure what you are planning will be acceptable.  You may need to request a variance with your municipality if you are looking to install taller fence.

If you belong to a homeowner’s association, you may need to check with them to ensure that your plan meets their requirements.

Keystone Fence will contact Pennsylvania One Call for all customers prior to starting any job. Underground utilities need to be marked on the property where the job will be installed to prevent damage or injury during installation.

Yes. It is the property owner’s responsibility to identify and locate their sprinkler lines and low voltage lighting.

Yes. We do currently sell materials and tools to contractors and the general public. Click here to learn more.

The manufacturer provides material warranties. The term of any warranty will vary from product to product.  Keystone Fence offers a warranty on the installation that will be provided to you when project is complete and paid for in full.

When the goal is to block sightlines, both wood and vinyl fences are regularly used for privacy reasons. Wood fences are one of the most popular types of privacy fences, and they can add beauty, privacy, and security to any home. Vinyl fences are solid, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. They are perfect for privacy reasons because they are solid and completely block the view of your yard. We also offer alternative applications that mimic wood fences but are fabricated with recycled composite materials that come in different colors and styles. There are also chain link options with privacy slat inserts that will accomplish seclusion as well.

Vinyl, ornamental aluminum, and composite materials are all gaining popularity as more people want a fence that is both low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Many customers are choosing alternative materials that require much less maintenance than a classic wood picket and privacy fences. Most of these fences are available in a variety of colors and styles and require no painting or staining.

If you have a pool in your back yard, you need a fence for safety reasons. In most states, the law mandates that you must have a fence around a swimming pool. Vinyl picket and aluminum fences are often used as pool fences because they do not block the view of the pool. However, if you meet the safety and height recommendations for your local area, any type of fence material, including wood or vinyl, can be used. Check with your municipality on pool fence requirements.

Vinyl fences require very little maintenance. Simple maintenance tips for a vinyl fence include hosing it down from time to time to rinse off surface dirt. If dirt spots appear over time, they may require a gentle cleanser and a little more elbow grease – but that’s all.

Chain link, PVC, ornamental, and composite fences also offer aesthetics, security, and privacy with low maintenance.  Choosing a wood fence does require maintenance but offers the same the same benefits of curb appeal, safety, and seclusion.

Staining a wood fence is up to the property owner. Staining the fence does not necessarily prolong the life of the fence. A wood fence will normally grey over time. Staining it should maintain that color depending upon the product you use and may require staining every two years.

Yes, we provide this service. We have a knowledgeable gate operator team that will come out and service or repair your gate operating system. They are knowledgeable not only on the operating systems that we install but also other types of systems.

Every job site is different; therefore, it is imperative that we have the correct information to give you a proper estimate.  After speaking with or meeting your Sales Manager and required information is acquired, an estimate can be quoted over by phone or email.

We offer residential, commercial, industrial, and government fencing services in Scranton, Pa and surrounding areas.

After choosing Keystone Fence to install your fence, you will need to sign and return the contract to your Estimator/Project Manager. You can hand deliver the contract to your Estimator or send it via mail or email. If your agreement requires a deposit, you may mail a check or pay with a credit card by phone. After we receive these, your job will go to our project team, and we will call you once the job has been placed on the job schedule and materials ordered.

In most cases, it is not necessary for you to be present. The Estimator or Project Manager will instruct the field crew based on their conversations with you. If you have particular concerns or just feel more comfortable being onsite at the time the work is being done, please feel free to stay.

If you want to change something on the project, please contact your Estimator immediately so we can adjust the materials accordingly. Changes in layout might also cause labor cost adjustments. It is much easier to make changes to your project before we start than if we are already in progress.

If you want to make a change while the fencing crew is onsite, please contact your Estimator right away.

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