Communities everywhere require the use of temporary fencing and/or barriers to meet the requirements of short- and long-term projects and events. Because temporary fencing is crucial for safety, security, privacy and other important reasons, there are fencing rentals available for a set amount of time while public and private entities finish a project, hold an event or keep individuals out of work zones and hazard areas.

For a closer look at the most common uses of temporary fencing, let’s explore these areas further.

Temporary Fencing for Job Sites

Temporary fencing on a construction site is a necessary element to support the integrity of the job, keep the construction site or work area secure and give pedestrians and vehicles a safe route around. This fencing application indicates to the general public that construction work is ongoing, serving to:

  • Protect drivers or pedestrians from entering 
  • Enable construction workers to perform the work without fear of injuring others
  • Help prevent traffic build-up
  • Create a safe pathway for construction workers to enter and exit
  • Communicate the presence of construction work

Additionally, temporary fencing on a construction site supports containment. Trash, packaging, industrial wrapping and small pieces of debris have the potential to escape and become a safety hazard, which can risk costly fines or a temporary shutdown if cited for not controlling the job site. 

To protect the safety of construction workers and others who perform work at the location, it is essential for temporary fencing panels at job sites to be sturdy, at least six feet tall, fastened together with the correct parts and routinely checked to verify stability. 

Temporary Fencing for Special Events

How do public and private organizations control foot and vehicle traffic for parades, concerts, festivals, races, trade shows and sporting events? One fundamental way this is achieved is through the strategic use of temporary fencing and barriers.

Plenty of large-scale gatherings and events, especially those that take place outdoors, require the ability to control crowds, ensure public safety and streamline the flow of people, vehicles and goods. There’s a variety of options for temporary fencing that necessitates quick setup and removal, which help to fulfill these needs at different types of special events.

Temporary Fencing for Disaster Zones

When dealing with natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires, there is potential for catastrophic damage—the kind that can easily become a hazard to human life and various types of property. That is why it is of utmost importance to fence off these areas and keep the public away from them.

As first responders and work crews deal with dangerous issues like compromised structures, fallen power lines, water-logged areas and impassable roads and bridges, setting up a perimeter of security is fundamental. Though temporary, this line of defense is integral to safeguarding people within and beyond the perimeter for anywhere from a few hours to months on end.

In the aftermath of such natural disasters, including utility mishaps and other types of accidents, temporary fencing serves as a major component in safeguarding against risks and ensuring the safety of people and property.

Temporary Fencing for Businesses

While many of the applications for temporary fencing and barricade rentals involve large-scale community happenings, there are plenty of ways this type of fencing fulfills needs for private businesses. For those who operate seasonal outdoor business, temporary fencing can be a major support. It can also serve to distinctively divide a parking lot or delineate areas and organize people at a work event.

Private businesses seeking temporary fencing for these and other reasons should be sure to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced fencing provider with a variety of products, as well as a staff that is professionally trained to ensure that the installation and removal are not only safe and sturdy, but also efficient.

What Type of Temporary Fencing Fits Your Application?

Whether you need temporary fencing for a construction site, special event, disaster area or business requirement, there are multiple options to meet individual needs.

Chain Link Panels

One of the most common types of temporary fencing is chain link panels. They are a sturdy and economical choice and can be installed on any surface by professionally trained installers. They are free-standing and require no drilling. Lightweight metal stands allow for easy relocation, and the panels have horizontal and vertical crossbars for added support. Typically available in four-, six- and eight-foot heights, these panels may also be pounded into the ground when needed.

Chain link panels are the best option for public safety at construction sites, disaster/accident zones and waste areas. But temporary chain link panels aren’t just for outside projects, given that they can be set up on a variety of surfaces and provide a sturdy, reliable barrier for many applications. The panels can also be easily repositioned for extended use, and are often combined with add-ons for extra security, wind protection or easy entry and exit.

Post-Driven Chain Link

In certain construction and security scenarios, you may need temporary fencing with greater resiliency in order to weather more challenging conditions. For these cases, it’s best to opt for a type of temporary chain link fencing that can be driven directly into the ground. Capable of being installed on any type of surface, post-driven chain link fencing can also be fortified with options like barbed wire, top rail and tension wire.

Temporary Barriers

When barriers are needed to control foot and vehicle traffic for occasions such as seasonal parades, concerts, festivals, races, trade shows and sporting events, you may consider a bicycle rack style (3.5 x 6 feet) or welded wire option (4 x 8 feet).

Fencing Add-Ons

There are also temporary fencing add-ons to keep in mind, including swing and slide gates (single, double or walk-through) and windscreens. Windscreens, also known as privacy screens, provide a reliable barrier when blowing winds might cause disruptions to construction or other activities, as well as an aesthetic component for a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. They are integral in ensuring privacy from onlookers and can help reduce theft by blocking the view into an area.

Seeking temporary fencing?

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